Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Winning At Heads Up Poker

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting for a while but I have been super busy with the website and coaching so many new students, it's unreal.

I've taken on so many HUSNG students and the results they have shown after the training have been amazing! Seeing -30% fish on sharkscope turn into long term winning players in only a few short weeks after taking what's come to be known as my 'Apprentice Course'.

The best part of this training course as opposed to hundreds of other would be miracle secrets is the fact that you can see the students progress yourself and even talk with them in my Tagpoker student forum. The next best thing is the fact that you can get it for free. The lead instructor is also so confident of his teaching abilities and the results of his students that in some cases he actually stakes them to play micro stakes heads up games right from the word go. Unlike most staking deals, these guys let you not only keep your stake but keep all of your profits too.

Have a look for yourself at the coaching options that are available on my site and at the bottom of the screen (on Tagpoker), what the past students have to say about their free training: Free Heads Up Poker Training & Staking.

Below is a typical example of a review from on of the students that took the course. There are many more examples and testimonials to be found and yours could very well be the next one.


Just wanted to take a minute and share my thoughts on Brokerstar’s HUSNG course. The first three lessons were theory based and very insightful. He helped me gain an understanding of the different player types and how to respond to each of them. I have just completed the first of two leakfinder reviews and he has helped me plug a few leaks that happened at critical spots in my games.
Prior to the course, I was a losing TAG player. Adjusting to the small ball type of play that Brokerstar coaches was a bit of a paradigm shift for me, but this style is very exploitative and effective.
I’ve included my graph before the course as well as the current one. I started receiving coaching at game 150 on Cake. If anyone is considering a HUSNG coach at these stakes I think Brokerstar is a great value.

Good luck and enjoy this amazing free coaching & staking offer whilst it's around.


Monday, 26 October 2009

$10 HUSNG vs Semi Agro Calling Station

This is the second of the $10 games in the 'This is how we roll' series. We started with $50 and played the $2 HUSNG's until we had $125, then the $5 games until we reach $250. Now we'll be playing the $10 right up untill we hit our $500 goal.

Our opponent is slightly aggressive in spots but his most fundimental flaw is the fact that he calls way too much. So our strategy here is to nearly never bluff, value bet thin and make large value bets when we're sure that we are ahead. We can make several adjustments against these guys in order to maximise our value against them.

(To enlarge the video click on the four arrow button at the bottom of the screen)

Results Graph Of The Challenge

Below is my graph after finishing the 'this is how we roll' challenge. I completed the $50 - $500 after only 600 games, most of which were at the $2 level.

If you too would like your low stakes graph to look the same then watch all of the videos that I have made and put up at

Here are some more free poker videos from Tagpoker.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Squeeze Play

I have many students saying to me that they think their game is too robotic and very ABC. Well good, you finally have a solid foundation to build off of.

One of my favorite bluffs that is simple and easy to employ is the squeeze play. Too many beginner players misunderstand bluffing and often use it at the wrong times. So today we'll talk about how to add this play into your arsenal.

The squeeze play is a simple bluff but a very powerful weapon when used at the right times. You are effectively going to be making a huge bluff pre flop with a non premium hand, looking to take the pot there and then. It's success relies on a few key factors all coming together at the same time.

Firstly you are much more likely to pull off a squeeze play if your image at the table is that of a tight, solid player, one who doesn't get out of line. What you're looking for pre flop is for a loose/ aggressive player to make an opening raise and another player to flat call his raise. Then at this point you make your large re raise looking for both players to fold.

Why does it work?

Well the idea is that you don't expect the loose, initial raiser to have a very strong hand all too often because he plays so many hands and the caller probably also doesn't have a monster or he would of likely re raised himself. When you raise the loose player not only probably doesn't have much of a hand but he has the additional problem of worrying about the third player left to act behind him. But what we are concentrating on here is that the loose player raised with a marginal hand and is now getting far more action than he wanted. The caller will likely fold too as he has already told us that he doesn't have a monster by flat calling the initial raise.

You will want to make a large raise to 4 or 5 times the size of the initial raise and if you find either of these players flat call you then they probably have a high pocket pair or AK, AQs type hand so beware post flop.

If you get called

This play is mainly a pre flop play but that's not to say you can't pick it up post flop. In re raised (three bet) pots you'll only need to bet around half the pot to pick it up after the flop. far too many beginner players spazz out and mash the pot button to try and get their opponents to fold. The truth is that the pot is so inflated already that they will call or fold the same frequency to a half pot bet than they will to a full pot so save yourself the extra money on your bluffs and when you actually do have a hand, it will still be easy to get all the money in by the river, even with a half pot flop bet.

For more poker lessons check out the Tagpoker Poker School

Good Luck at the tables.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

$1500 Free On Betfair

I've come across a poker bonus offer that looks like the very best I've ever seen.

Betfair are giving new players a $1500 bonus, no matter how much you deposit. The betfair bonus clears at a rate of 40 Betfair Points per $1. The bonus is then released in $10 increments and expires after 60 days.
To be eligible for the bonus you must deposit in the first 30 days after creating your betfair bonus account. The bonus is paid weekly to your Betfair account on Wednesdays.

This is an amazing offer to get started if you want to put some serious hours in at the tables.

Keep in mind that good bankroll management should be adhered to depending on how much you deposited so that you don't run too much risk of going broke whilst trying to clear this amazing bonus.

So start off in the lowest buy in sit and goes or the micro stakes cash games and simply play a solid, ABC game to get your roll looking healthy at the four figure mark.

Visit to get this fantastic free money bonus now.

As always enjoy the money.


Friday, 24 July 2009

High stakes poker season 5 episode 12

High stakes poker season 5 episode 12 has to be one of my favorite high stakes poker shows to date. For those of you that don't know, I'm a huge Sam Farha and Tom Dwan fan (aka: Durrrr). As well as being an online poker legend he has also managed to transition very well to playing live (something a lot of old school players said he'd struggle with).

Enjoy the videos:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

It's crazy to think that Tom Dwan only started with a single $50 deposit on Full Tilt and now has millions in his account. Every time I need a little inspiration, I only need to see him in action to know what is possible if you work on your game.

If you feel that you too could be the next superstar to roll $50 into millions then you can always request one of these free poker bankrolls where you'll be given a $50 deposit free at one of six poker rooms.